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Lotus Eaters was created by the Designer Aris Tolios as a lifestyle brand.

In Ancient Greektimes, the Lotus fruit was eaten which gave those who ate the fruit a feeling of euphoria and a different way of understanding their existence.

Lotus Eaters the brand follows this philosophy:

Those who will wear Lotus Eaters will feel complete, unique, confident, comfortable whith themselves - a feeling of EUPHORlA.

Fabrics are created by Artisans and the Designer to fit the designs, to make them unique and special, using old family techniques that have been passed down from generation to generation, bringing us back to our grass roots, to bring that special garment to the retail sector.

All production is made in Greece.


These versatile knit pants will look great with any shirt, jumper or jacket!  Featuring a straight leg and pockets, these will get you through each season with style and ease!


Fabric: 42%viscose 39%polyester 19%nylon

Aleppo Pants - Black (Lotus Eaters)

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