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Raw Leather, Blood Plum, Oak Moss, Pine Needles, Rosewood, Vetiver, Vanilla & Raspberry

A complicated and stormy fragrance, perfect for Winter. Warming notes of Raw Leather, Musk and Vanilla are offset with the fresh scents of Oak Moss and Vetiver. Blood Plum and Raspberry tie this all together with the slightest touch of Rosewood promoting an unexpected balance. Blood Plum & Leather is cherished by the curious cosmopolitan.


An elegant and economical way to enhance any interior with your chosen distinctive fragrance.  3 sprays of Interior Perfume will enliven your desired space.


Interior Perfume contained within 100mL square glass perfume bottle. 


Approximately 800 sprays per Interior Perfume.


Opulently presented within a drawstring jewellery pouch.


Hand poured in Perth, Western Australia.


Exquisite as an understated gift to express your appreciation.


Blood Plum & Leather - Interior Perfume 100ml

  • Designed to complement the most exquisite interiors.

    Proudly family owned and operated, Flower Box Home Fragrance is boutique in nature.  Our mission remains the same today as it was five years ago - to create and provide the luxurious peak of home fragrance, both aesthetically and functionally. Our mission is not to compete with mass produced products.

    Uniquely Flower Box Home Fragrance have pledged to limit their growth to ensure the inimitable hand-crafted quality of their products remains unchanged and untainted. Outsourcing at the cost of quality directly contradicts their philosophy. 

    The Flower Box Home Fragrance story began with their founder Robin living in London, where experimenting with candle making and fragrance turned from pastime to passion in the family home. In 2016 Robin departed London after 8 years to return home to Perth, Western Australia. Gaining first-hand experience throughout Europe on the best the Home Fragrance world has to offer, Robin returned full of vision and ideas to source premium quality components and make her own world class products in Australia. Combining a passion for home fragrance and a longstanding desire to launch a business, Robin and her stepson Johnny formed an unlikely step-mother and step-son business partnership. Together they set their sights towards making dreams a reality, and Flower Box Home Fragrance as born. 


    Robin and Johnny have both now studied in Grasse; the epicenter of the perfumery world. Robin at the Grasse Institute of Perfumery and Johnny at both The Candle Academy Grasse & the Grasse Institute of Perfumery. Robin and Johnny are constantly working to further their knowledge and do so only by learning from the very best in the world.  An accomplished and unparalleled Home Fragrance range has been born through embracing generational differences and nurturing divergent dispositions.

    Flower Box Home Fragrance officially began development in 2016, launching in May 2017.  Since launch four years ago Flower Box Home has grown to supply over 200 of the most beautiful stores throughout Australia. 


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