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L'ascari is a Melbourne born boutique brand designing and creating exemplary fragrance and well being products for all genders with symbolic aromas of the highest character and creative package design that separates it from the crowd. 


Can't decide which one? 


The Discovery Set contains all ten of the L'ascari Unisex Body Fragrance family. Discover your new fragrance or layer them to create your own signature scent.  Set includes fragrances #40, #50, #156, #206, #312, #340, #458, #500, #625, #857.


We make our products with an ethical and sustainable core at the forefront by using organic and plant derived ingredients and eco-friendly recyclable packaging.


L’ASCARI products contain

No parabens

No sodium laurel sulphates

No alcohol (sanitizer excluded)

No mineral oils and silicones

No synthetic colourants

No aluminium chlorates

No testing on animals


To use - Rub roller ball on pulse points of the body to fragrance and help nourish the skin; apply as often as desired.

Ingredients- coconut oil, essential oils, fragrance.

Does not contain alcohol.

Cruelty free.

Handmade in Australia

10 x 3ml

Discovery Set - Unisex Body Fragrance - L'ascari

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