30mm hoops

Hallmark Sterling Silver 92.5% - what does this mean?

Sterling silver is an alloy of silver containing 92.5% by weight of silver and 7.5% by weight of other metals, usually copper to give the jewellery it's strength and intregrity.

Lisa and Co is providing you with stunning individual exceptional quality pieces of SS jewellery. I am so confident with my manufactures that I will offer my patrons a lifetime workmanship guarantee...that will cover you for any defect in manufacturing that comes to fruition after purchase, loose stones or soldering at joints that break. or replace it

Sterling Silver hoops

  • Sterling silver, like other precious metals, can oxidize with time. ... The best way to prevent tarnish is to ctually wear your sterling jewellery.

    Cleaning: White vinegar and baking soda: This gentle cleaning method is great for removing heavy tarnish. Soak your sterling silver in ½ cup of white vinegar and 2 tbsp of baking soda Rinse jewellery and pat dry,store in a cool place ie: soft lined jewellery box or pouch